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October 10, 2017

We Want to Hear from You… Our Listeners!

You’ve heard us say countless times on the air… this is your podcast! Could you tell what we really mean?  Because, ultimately, our goal for the DreamTrips Podcast is to ensure you get the most out of travel that is possible and that members are clear on what the DreamTrips community is all about.

This is why your comments and feedback are so important to us.  We need you to tell us how we can help you check off those bucket list tems and continue creating joy in the lives of yourself, family and friends. Thanks for your comments... we appreciate you!

“Wow! The greatest!” Ottoagosto75 
“Brilliant guys.”Michaeltollan
“This was a phenomenal podcast and very informative.”Angelspruiell
“Great podcast… did not know about creating a travel folder for travel apps.”Robertmorrismarketing
“Cool episode (Get the Picture) and now I am equipped to take some great photos in Phuket.”Antoniosanda87

How Do I Get in Touch with the DreamTrips Podcast?

I Have a Lot of Ideas… Do You Have Anything Specific in Mind?

To help you get started, here are just a few suggestions for topics we would love to get your feedback* on:

  • What are your overall thoughts about the podcast?
  • Any particular topics you would like us to cover?
  • Are there any guests you would like to see on the podcast?
  • Is there a particular destination, excursion, restaurant or activity you would like us to feature?