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October 24, 2017
In a World Filled with Limitless Travel Possibilities...

Who can travelers count on for guidance and information? 

With a mission to educate, engage and entertain, the DreamTrips Podcast crew of  Wayne McMullen, Courtney Tyler, and Jason Clayden will serve as personal tour guides through the world of travel, dining and lifestyle experiences. The guests they have on each episode will add magic and enlightenment in their own unique ways.  Our hope is that you, our listeners, are smiling while you are on this voyage of discovery!

Discover new destinations, exciting excursions and learn how to make your travel experience one that creates lasting memories. Get advice from seasoned travelers on everything from what to pack, to how to keep your children happy on vacation and where to go for your Winter break.  Three episodes per month (1st, 8th, 15th) feature influencers, explorers, DreamTrips members and travel experts who share exclusive insights into all facets of the travel lifestyle. Get insight into the unique experience of the DreamTrips community and be the first in your circle of friends to get the scoop on exciting updates, global benefits, perks, new products, and much more. 

So, Meet the Crew!

Buckle up, make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position, and prepare to take flight with the DreamTrips Podcast and it’s fun crew! Based in the WorldVentures service center in Plano TX, they will do their utmost to give you the inside track on everything travel.  

Engage with them on social media by using the hashtag #DTpodcast.  They would love to hear from you!!

Wayne McMullen: Producer & DreamTrips Podcast Host  (LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram) 

A Londoner in every sense of the word, Wayne has travelled the world and had many careers including casino roulette & baccarat croupier, WOW Officer for a major bank and Recognition Manager for a network marketing company. A graduate of Middlesex University and the Actors Institute NYC, he obtained his degree in Drama and Communications, and pursued an acting and voice over career in New York City. These days he finds himself immersed in the world of media and podcasting. Wearing many hats that include producer, host and editor, he is at his happiest teaching his five-year-old daughter Lily how to embrace the world with both hands and laugh until her sides ache.

  • You can never have too many friends with questionable pasts.
  • My pockets are full of sunshine and chocolate biscuits.
  • The long flight made me need a bacon sandwich.
  • It is always important to check for ample bog roll before using a public loo.
  • Sorry, I was daydreaming about West Ham United winning the Premier League.

Courtney Tyler: Manager, Social Media Corporate Affairs & DreamTrips Podcast Co-Host 

A left-handed, only child born & raised on Long Island NY, Courtney is a self-proclaimed weirdo, who tends to always find the “lighter” side in any situation. Although she wanted to major in theatre, she studied Mass Media Arts with an emphasis in Advertising at Hampton University which is at HBCU in Hampton, Virginia. Courtney has worked at WorldVentures for over 11 years and has been able see the world, meet new people and be introduced to many cultures. These days she can be found singing in the shower, spending time with her 13 yr old son and loving life with family & friends!

  • You can never have too many Vegetables.
  • My pockets are full of Skittles and Gummy anything.
  • The long flight made me quite thirsty for a cocktail.
  • It is always important to read the fine print.  
  • Sorry, I was daydreaming about winning Powerball.

Jason Clayden: Senior Manager, Social Media 

Jason journeyed across the African bush to the United States where he pursued an education fit for “Mad Men”. While blowing through a degree in advertising at the University of Texas Arlington Jason discovered that he has a (South) Frican good time with social media in the fast-paced restaurant and fashion industries. Surprising, I know. When he isn’t trotting around the globe covering events for WorldVentures or driving social campaigns for DreamTrips Local, Jason breaks a sweat by jamming out to 90s pop songs in the gym (rocking to Kylie Minogue while perfecting his squats). An active member of the Dallas community, Jason recently served as board member for Ad2Dallas, an organization for young marketing professionals, where he led social media efforts for the chapter. Jason hopes to one day dance the tango in Argentina.

  • You can never have too many skin care products.
  • My pockets are full of lip balms.
  • The long flight made me want to run through the nearest open field.
  • It is always important to check for the nearest coffee shop.
  • Sorry, I was daydreaming about backup dancing at a Madonna concert.