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October 1, 2016

Tune in as our co-hosts guide you through the journey of our numerous volunteer opportunities.  More specifically, listen as they discuss an opportunity that is near and dear to so many of our members’ hearts… VolunTours.


Today’s Feature

Hannah chats with the Executive Director of the WorldVentures Foundation™, Gwyneth Lloyd. The WorldVentures Foundation has an overall mission of serving children globally.  Gwyneth goes into detail as to why charitable work of this type is so important, and even shares her own personal background regarding how she became involved. Gwyneth explains in greater detail about the ins and outs of a VolunTour, where they are currently taking place and even where she has visited most recently.

Social Beat

In our social beat Jason Clayden and Wayne team up to talk about member experiences while on a VolunTour and read some of our member posts from our social media pages.

Member Spotlight

Wayne chats with long-time member and Texas resident Lauren Fulton.  Lauren, who is currently in her twenties, talks about her personal VolunTour experiences. She goes into the details of a VolunTour, and how not only has it changed her own outlook on her life, but the outlook of members of her family. “It’s definitely worthwhile…” says Lauren.

DreamTrips Local Update

Hannah steps away from her normal merchant focus and speaks with Senior Territory Manager Josh Jarvis.  Josh goes into details of how well the program is going globally. He gives exclusive insight into what is happening in South Africa and Toronto.

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