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Unique Excursions

April 1, 2017

Jump aboard the podcast train for a magical journey through the unique offerings of DreamTrips excursions. This episode of the DreamTrips Podcast gets off to an epic start with a quick testimonial from member, professional BMX rider and Colorado native, Gavin Malcolm. Gavin shares stories from his favorite DreamTrip to the sandy-white beaches of Cancun, where he participated in epic excursions and made a lifetime of friendships.

Next, listen as your favorite co-pilots, Wayne McMullen and Hannah DeClerk, introduce the segment from a mystery location, complete with a few Kamikaze seagulls. Can you guess the exact location of Wayne’s dilapidated sandcastle? Feel free to broadcast your guess via social media with #dreamtripspodcast.


Wayne decides to take a break from his shovel and pail to introduce his “DreamTripping Tip of the Day”. The question, which Hannah remarks sounds kinda “vague”, Wayne confirms is actually a bit tricky. “When planning your unique DreamTrip, how many excursions and what kind should you squeeze in?” You’ll get the answer at the end of the episode.

In the meantime, jump aboard the podcast train as we take you on a magical journey through the uniqueness that comes with our DreamTrips experiences. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you will probably not do either of these. Regardless, we can guarantee you’ll have a good time as you listen to members, experts and more share exactly what it is that makes our excursions unique.

Today’s Feature
Wayne has Caitlin Zematis from Rovia™ in the studio. As a DreamTrips designer, she is charged with creating unique experiences guaranteed to create memories to last a lifetime.  Caitlin is a bit of a world traveler and talks about her favorite excursions she’s marked off her bucket list. From gorillas in Zimbabwe to Celtic curiosities, waterfalls in Brazil and Mozart festivals in Austria, Caitlin has braved it all (did we mention swimming with dangerous sea predators?).  

Back to our co-hosts on the beach, where they turn their attention to an event that is hotter than Wayne’s singed and sunburned delicate, European skin. The first official DreamTrips Local, Taste of Texas is coming up, April 6-9 at three of Dallas’s hottest spots. Our hosts discuss, more specifically, the “celebrity” appearances they plan on making to Southfork Ranch and Gilleys Dallas. Will you be able to spot these two? Find Wayne and he might just teach you a bit about two-steppin’, or, in reality, how high your pain threshold is for having your feet stomped on. Hannah’s quarter-life crisis is the subject of discussion as Wayne talks about her sparkly new nose ring.

Social Beat
Jason has his own sidekick in tow, DreamTrips Associate Social Media Manager, Melanie Guthrie. Melanie starts off the segment with a detailed recap of her experience while vacationing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Jason tells of his Costa Rica trip and all the colors of the rainbow he saw in the aquatic life.  Melanie shares social media posts from members Valerie and Amber and Jason ties up the social beat by sharing the top global ranking of the best diving locations from ScubaDiving.com.

Wayne and Hannah close out the segment discussing their own take on unique excursions, and Wayne reveals his ignorance when it comes to snorkeling— let alone deep sea diving. Hannah shares a story about her uncle who is a certified scuba instructor who lives in a large city, and is forced to find creative ways to practice his techniques. Wayne reveals the “DreamTripping Tip of the Day” and your two “April Fools” reveal the location of this recording in true DreamTrips Podcast fashion.  Before our jokers bid you farewell they ask that you tune in to the next episode, about Cruises, complete with a special guest and travel expert.

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  • DreamTrips Local, a Taste of Texas
    • Thursday April 6 – opening night party at Gilley’s
      • This is one of the biggest and best country western bars around!!  And we’re renting out the whole place just for OUR private party.
      • Gilley’s has an amazing history.  Ever hear of John Travolta??  He did a movie called Urban Cowboy in the early 1980s that was filmed at the Houston location of Gilley’s.  But we have the actual Mechanical Bull used in the movie.
      • Tickets start at $149 plus tax and include food, dancing, drink tickets, activities at the bar, transportation to and from Gilley’s to AT&T stadium and a great country western band!
    • Friday April 7 and Saturday April 8 – explore DreamTrips Local.
      • Friday and Saturday are your nights to find out for yourself what all Dallas has to offer!
      • Grab friends, family and colleagues and head out to a DTL restaurant.
    • Sunday April 9 – closing party at South Fork Ranch.
      • Ever hear of JR, SuEllen and Bobby Ewing?  Maybe a little TV show called Dallas?
      • Well it was filmed at South Fork Ranch here in Dallas and we’ve rented out the entire ranch for our party.
      • Come see where all the famous TV moments were filmed and enjoy some more great TX food and fun. Tickets start at $149 plus tax and include food, dancing, drink tickets, activities at the bar, transportation to and from Gilley’s to AT&T stadium, and a great country western band!

A limited number of tickets are still available by booking at Eventbrite: A Taste of Texas (ATOT).  Don’t miss out!