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Traveling with Kids

June 15, 2017

“Are we there yet?” We all know this familiar phrase, especially parents who travel with their children.  In today’s episode, we provide you with travel tips on turning a potential snot-ragged nightmare into a pleasant, family-fun dream vacation.

Our very own Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Laura Wards travels extensively in her line of business, often with her kids in tow. Listen as this expert of family travel explains how to turn a family trip into a chance to make a mountain of memories.


Pair this insightful interview with the Social Beat and our co-hosts banter and today’s listen will send you on a trip to the wonderful land of Traveling with Kids!  


  • 02:10    Wayne teases the “More Than a Travel Tip… Tip”

Today’s Feature

  • 03:03    Wayne interviews Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Laura Wards.  
  • 04:40    Laura shares what she gets out of traveling with her children.
  • 05:05    Laura shares her own take in her bag of tricks.
  • 05:25    They discuss the dreaded long car journey.
  • 06:15    Wayne shares his car journey to Destin Florida and Lily’s imagination.
  • 07:45    Why travel is the ultimate education.
  • 11:12    Laura shares why flying can be daunting with children and how to keep them occupied.
  • 15:05    Laura shares advice to those who will travel with their children for the first time.

Host Chatter

  • 16:49    Between segments Hannah and Wayne have a little fun talking about their travel experiences
  • 18:36    Listen to a quick update regarding DreamTrips Cars . This new partnership with Sonic Automotive takes the hassle out of buying cars for DreamTrips, DreamTrips Gold and DreamTrips Platinum members in the United States.

Social Beat

  • 20:05    Jason Clayden shares family travel trends from Virtuoso.
  • 22:10    Melanie Guthrie shares a post by DreamTrips Member Lee Oxendine from Lumberton, NC.


  • 24:07    Wayne reveals the “More Than a Travel Tip… Tip.”
  • 25:07    What our next episode is all about.

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