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Top Summer Destinations

May 1, 2017

Things are heating up over at the DreamTrips Podcast , as your favorite rays of sunshine change into their favorite shorts and flip flops to take you on a warm venture to the top summer destinations across the globe.


The episode kicks off with our very own, thrill-seeking member, Nick Vasinda, as he recounts his boat-diving adventures close to the equator while on a DreamTrip to Mexico. Listen as he enthusiastically describes why this venture is just one of the many reasons why he can’t get enough of DreamTrips.

Listen as Wayne and Hannah aka your dynamic co-hosting duo, banter about the red bathing suit-clad lifeguards of the action drama series Baywatch, and why it made such waves in the eighties and nineties. Wayne surprised Hannah with a new title for the “DreamTripping Tip of the Day” now the “More than a Travel Tip… Tip!” Hannah is not amused with her inability to annunciate this new tongue-twisting title, but decides (well, let’s be honest, there wasn’t a choice) to stick around until the end of the episode for the answer to Wayne’s “sunny tip.” 

Today’s Feature
President of Rovia and travel aficionado Jim Menge drops by the recording studio to give his take on top summer destinations. Jim, who has visited more than 100 countries in his 30 plus years in the travel industry, stands by his personal creed, “If travel’s not adventuresome, then what is it?”

Along with the predictable summer tropical getaways, Jim also encourages stepping outside of your comfort level and trying somewhere “new and exciting.” From Canada to Indonesia, Jim offers a variety of destination gems, complete with pristine beaches and clear blue seas, that are best visited during their summer seasons.

Before moving onto the Social Beat, the team shares a quick recap, complete with member testimonials, of the DreamTrips Local event on April 6-9 at a variety of Dallas-Fort Worth hotspots.  

Social Beat
Jason Clayden is back this episode and shares an article from US News that rates the top summer destinations, as well as excerpts from the blog My Family Travels that highlights the top family-friendly destinations and fun excursions offered by National Parks.

Melanie Guthrie shares posts from our U.S. members Rich Sandera from St. Paul, Minnesota and Liz Tomlin from Los Angeles, California.  Thanks for sharing with us and don’t forget to tag us with #DreamTripsPodcast if you want your post read on air!

Hannah finally admits that Jason isn’t from Tennessee (surprise surprise) and Wayne reveals the “More than a Travel Tip… Tip”. Make sure to tune into the next episode, where you’ll get an exclusive sneak-peak on the new DreamBody DreamTrip, and listen to experts weigh in on how to stay healthy while traveling or on the go!

Speaking of experts, your favorite beach bums bring the podcast back around by wrapping up this episode with a duet in the tune of the eighties top pop hit, Cruel Summer by Bananarama.  Have a guess who from this girl band, Wayne dated back in the 80s!

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