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Swimming with Sharks

September 1, 2017

Find out how DreamTrips Members have added adventure to their travel, including an exhilarating swim with sharks!

Today, your podcast crew brings in someone who knows about taking risks. Efrosyni Adamides has enjoyed traveling the world and even called several countries her home. When naming her favorite DreamTrips experiences, Efrosyni recalls the time she visited Port Lincoln, Australia and went beneath the ocean’s surface in a cage surrounded by great white sharks.


Courtney Tyler, a longtime WorldVentures and Rovia favorite, sounds like a natural as she shares some of her own crazy adventures in her first official episode as the new co-host. If sharks seem too risky to you, perhaps you’d like to hear what In-destination Support team member Larry Fabulous has to say about his fabulous experience in the Cayman Islands. Top that with fun facts from the “Social Beat” and “More than a travel tip … tip,” and you have an episode that explores the depths of what adventure travel can be — if you take the plunge.


  • [01:12]    Wayne introduces his new co-host for the DreamTrips Podcast.
  • [02:44]    What is the “More than a travel tip … tip” about today?
  • [03:22]    Courtney and Wayne talk about an Efro-moji!

Today’s Feature

  • [03:53]    We introduce Efrosyni Adamides as today’s guest and discuss the following:
  • [04:17]    All the places Efrosyni has lived.
  • [05:17]    The bucket list trip that happened.
  • [06:10]    Why Efrosyni wanted to do a shark cage dive.
  • [08:48]    The power of the DreamTrips travel community.
  • [11:40]    Mega DreamTrips!
  • [12:45]    Swimming with whale sharks.
  • [13:01]    What is still on Efrosyni’s bucket list?

Host Chatter

  • [13:46]    Between segments, your co-hosts chat about Courtney’s latest adventure vacation.
  • [14:40]    In-destination Support team member Larry Fabulous describes his fabulous moment of the day on the “DreamTrips Download.” 

 Social Beat

  • [17:12]    Adventure travel and active travel are extremely popular according to Virtuoso & Trekksoft 
  • [18:16]    Hear from some DreamTrips Members about their adventure experiences: Lisette Robello (Cape Town, South Africa) and Curry Russell (West Virginia, United States).


  • [19:58]    Contact the DreamTrips Podcast on social media with #DTpodcast.
  • [20:53]    Find out where Courtney is from.
  • [21:42]    Our team reveal some great tips from Scuba Diver Life
  • [23:30]    Learn what the next episode is all about.

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