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Relax Globally

July 1, 2017

Take time out to chill with your favorite podcast team as you kick back and listen to tips on relaxing globally. Relaxation can be delivered in many forms. Perhaps your idea of getting your “chill on” is a serene quiet, setting, or maybe you like listening to your favorite hosts of the DreamTrips Podcast while driving to a new and exciting destination. Your podcast host Wayne, obviously has his own idea of a hot-stone massage that may leave you more tense (cringe) than tranquil.


For long time member, Kim Burke, it’s the tranquil setting, sights and sounds of the ocean in her native country of Australia. Listen to Kim guide you through an incredible experience in one of the world’s most exclusive resorts — a time she describes as “One of the peak experiences of my life!”

If Kim’s tale of relaxation doesn’t have you putting your feet up, then hang on as your podcast team delivers more insights into how DreamTrips Members and travelers choose to relax globally.


  • 01:34    Hannah reveals her artistic side.  
  • 02:29    Wayne reveals a hidden talent… song writing (he’s a regular ol’ Hall and Oates).
  • 04:27    What is the “More than a travel tip… tip” about today

Today’s Feature

  • 05:03    Wayne interviews Australian travel aficionado, Kim Burke, and they talk Hayman Island among other incredible relaxing destinations.
  • 05:52    The actual reason why people love the Hayman Island.
  • 06:35    Why the Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the world.
  • 07:07    The best way to get to the reef, which is visible from outer space. 
  • 08:14    Wayne probes Kim for more information about what makes this natural wonder so wonderful. 
  • 09:15    Listen to more information about the “Ocean Dreaming Experience”, a really cool perk* for Platinum Members. 
  • 12:54    Kim explains why Australians, who already live in coastal paradise, are known for having the travel bug. 
  • 13:34    Kim goes into more detail regarding the value of a travel community.
  • 14:26    Find out even more exclusive perks* of a DreamTrip, according to Kim.  

Host Chatter

  • 15:34    Between segments your co-hosts discuss why Australia is on their bucket list. 
  • 17:08    Hannah and Wayne give insight as to why it is important to take time to really relax and take time off.

Social Beat

  • 19:26    Jason Clayden, flying solo today, shares how we’ve added new categories to the DreamTrips Local program.
  • 19:52    We hear from four members from around the globe: Melanie Levitz (U.S.), Chow Ying (Singapore), Christina Stuart (USA) and Michael Escola (Sweden).


  • 23:19    Hannah and Wayne share their thoughts on the best way to relax. 
  • 23:45    Your co-hosts reveal the “More Than a Travel Tip… Tip(s)”… which, yes there are more than one!

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