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May 15, 2017

How do you attain a well balanced, stress-free life and travel a little more? Well, today’s episode is presented by DreamBody, “For the Well-Being of your Whole-Being!”  Your favorite producer, Wayne “Richard Simmons” McMullen and his trusty sidekick, Hannah “Jane Fonda” DeClerk jump-start the episode with a testimonial from one of our members, Henry from the Netherlands. Sprechen sie Deutsch? No need, since this member shares, in English that puts even Wayne to shame, about his incredible experience on a DreamBody DreamTrip.   

Wayne and Hannah tease our audience with the “More than a travel tip… tip” (tip, tip tip, top, tippity tip tip) that is sure to make you feel in “top” health while traveling. As usual, you’ll have to stick around to the end of the episode for more details.  Hannah talks about how she stays healthy and Wayne talks about his “aha moment” thanks to Today’s Feature guest interview…. and how he has decided to start drinking more water.


Today’s Feature
Today’s guest is none other than nine-year DreamTrips Member and health expert Jessie Ruof.  As a Doctor of Naturopathy and expertise in both healthy living and travel making, she uses her combined expertise to share how you can add “health and wellness” to your “travel lifestyle.” Jessie explains the science behind Naturopathy, which focuses on stress management techniques by balancing the body through breathing and moving towards the ultimate goal of vitality. That is, finding a way to  live in a high optimal state that your body naturally does as a child.

Lifestyle change is the topic under discussion, as Jessie goes into some of the ways to start living better in your daily life.  Jessie encourages you to live to the fullest, and explains transitioning from once a year healthy traveler to making health part of your travel lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. There are some things everyone can do before travel that will prepare you for your trip.  These tips, if followed, will make you feel better all-around physically and mentally.

Chatting about DreamBody DreamTrips, Jessie recommends that these getaways are a great way to get you on the road towards wellness as a catalyst to a healthier lifestyle.  Jessie shares her philosophy “it’s never too late to start doing something good for yourself,” and in Today’s Feature, presented by DreamBody, Jessie gives you a great foundation to start.

Want to hear more about Jessie’s philosophies on health and wellness? Check out her popular blogs dedicated to the art of “Booty Shaking Wellness” (not to be confused with our social media maven Jason and his fantastic model strut) and more in-depth explanation behind her vitality method or Ujana System.

Social Beat
Jason Clayden our very own health guru and fitness aficionado highlights a great feature from Trybell Magazine and talks about a recently featured article that gives five reasons why travel is considered the “new meditation” in today’s age. He also shares a great article from popular wellness blog, The Everygirl which explains why wellness travel is not only important, but is the most essential trip a person should plan this year. Costa Rica is named as one of the top five places for this type of travel, and Social Media Associate Manager, Melanie Guthrie reads a few posts from members who went on a DreamBody DreamTrips to Costa Rica last month.

Members Sherrell Jackson from Maryland and Lorri Remington from Florida give even more insight into their experience on a DreamBody DreamTrip and we thank them for sharing their experiences with us!  

If you have an experience like Sherrell or Lorri’s and want to have it read on the air, tag us in your next post with #DTpodcast and our social media team just might get back to you!

Our co-hosts reveal the “More than a travel tip… tip” (which you’ll have to listen to find out the answer). Don’t forget to tune into our next episode, as our team gives you a full spectrum into the world of a travel photographer. Listen as Hannah interviews our very own staff photographer and magnificent media magician, John Benitez, and discover ways to kick your skills “up a notch” to truly “get the picture.”

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