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In-destination Support

August 1, 2016

In-destination support is just one of the factors that makes your membership so special.  So in today’s episode we focus on  the people who “host” your DreamTrips and what you can expect.  This episode sees a new member added to the DreamTrips Podcast team.  Hannah DeClerk is an incredible editer and writer for WorldVentures and DreamTrips, and will be taking over the co-host seat in addition to debuting a new segment in the podcast called DreamTrips Local Update.


Today’s Feature

Wayne speaks with Noelle Owens who is the In-destination Operations Lead for DreamTrips. In-destination support are the people that make DreamTrips special on an individual basis, and Noelle goes into great detail on what you can and cannot expect from the in-destination support who is on your DreamTrip.

Social Beat

Jason shares the audio from two videos that DreamTrips sent out on social media and gives you a great feel for what you can expect from your in-destination support experience.  He concludes by sharing some of your social media posts.

Member Spotlight

Wayne speaks with George Adamides from Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranian.  George has been a member for over seven years and was in the first group of members when DreamTrips launched all around the world. George has an interesting tale about in-destination support and likens our hosts to the “fairy dust” of DreamTrips. There is a beautiful end to this segment as we hear how special a membership DreamTrips is, and in particular for George and his lovely wife Ariadne.

**NEW SEGMENT** DreamTrips Local update

Hannah DeClerk has a really fun and informative interview with Sydney restauranteur and best selling author, Pauline Nguyen.  Pauline owns the Red Lantern Restaurant and talks about her journey, her restaurant philosophy and some of the incredible dishes that they specialize in. The Red Lantern is the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world with more than 60 awards to it’s name. It’s a tale of struggle and determination with a wonderful ending for anyone of our members who dines at the Red Lantern restaurant.

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