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Getting on Board

April 15, 2017

All hands-on deck! Climb aboard the S.S. DreamTrips Podcast as Captain Wayne McMullen, his crew of scallywags and some choice experts take you on an aquatic adventure through the world of, well… cruises.  016_Collage.png

This episode’s first stop is to the island of Fiji, where you’re visited by member Trey Stephenson, who shares his experience on a DreamTrips cruise to this tropical paradise.  

Next, it’s all hands-on deck as captain Wayne is joined alongside his salty first mate Hannah DeClerk.  Get to the bottom of Wayne’s obsession with the popular, 1980’s American television series “Love Boat” and other famous movies set on board cruises. Hannah takes the helm for a minute as she guides us through a few of the newly added cruise locations added by Rovia™, but becomes a bit adrift when describing her fascination with “Old Cruisers!”

Wayne navigates the episode back in the right direction by introducing his “DreamTripping Tip of the Day”, as well as he welcomes aboard fellow seafarer, producer and host of the top-rated weekly podcast Cruise Radio, Doug Parker.

Today’s Feature
Doug, an 8-year podcasting veteran with a passion for cruises, gives the podcast crew exclusive insight, reveals tips and tricks on getting the best value and much more during today’s feature.  

With a home-base in Florida, Doug lives near major cruise-liner ports, and has just as much (if not more) time spent at sea than on land. As a seasoned seafarer, Doug helps you narrow down the list of numerous entertainment options by providing his personal list of the top “must do’s” while on a cruise. From mix and mingling at the “sail away” parties to enjoying the simplicity of the oceanic sunset, listen as Wayne and Doug guide you through what makes cruises incredibly magical.

The feature closes with a tale involving Wayne, a cruise and his skivvies that could invoke sea sickness, or at least make you want to jump overboard.

Hannah tries to muster up an accompanying photo from Wayne, who says this “treasure” is locked away, buried and never to resurface. We also give a special “yo ho ho” to our social media seaman Jason Clayden, who was recently recognized with a prestigious marketing award.   

Before docking at our next stop, we trade in our breeches for bootstraps and mosey on over to Dallas Texas’s Gilleys and South Fork Ranch to listen to the rip-roarin’ good time we had with our members at the DreamTrips Local Taste of Texas event.

Social Beat
Social Media Associate Manager Melanie Guthrie sits in the captain’s chair after Jason was forced to spend time below deck after suffering from a spell of laryngitis. Listen as Melanie talks with social media coordinator, Sarah Taylor, who shares her recent experience out at sea on a DreamTrips cruise, and the fun ensued that only comes with the DreamTrips experience. Plus, we hear about the legendary In-destination Support Team Member, Larry Fabulous, who Hannah and Wayne both call-out to during the closing of the episode. Fingers crossed he is our newest mate for future episodes to come!

Melanie wraps the segment with a social media post from our members, The Burnett Bunch, who shared about their cruise experience on twitter.

Before dropping the anchor, Captain Wayne makes a slight, backward detour to revisit the “DreamTripping Tip of the Day”. Wayne spills the answer, along with a water-downed version of his knowledge on the subject. Hannah talks about her off and on relationship with the side of a ship, while Wayne treads water by attempting his impersonator “talent.” As the crew guides this episode safely back on land, the duo decides to toot their own horn one last time, in true DreamTrips Podcast fashion—going overboard with their bantering regarding top television shows and movies. Hey, at least we tried to keep it boat themed?

Help us extend an additional thank you to Doug Parker and his excellent contributions!
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