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Get the Picture?

June 1, 2017

Whether you prefer your handheld device or a fancy DSLR, this informative episode provides top-tips and even a few secrets of the trade from an impressive lineup of advice from a variety of experts.

These days, it seems like sharing photographs on social media is, if not, more vital than being present to enjoy the actual excursions themselves. So, what if we were to tell you, that there is a way to both capture memories and an incredible photo that makes Karen from accounting’s look like a Google Image Search screen grab?


More specifically, our company’s very own professional photographer John Benitez steps out from behind the lens to give tips, tricks and personal acquired over the numerous years spent as a travel photographer. And just a little sneak peak of John’s qualifications: from African safari sunsets, packed training events, feature stories, in-studio executive professional headshots and more John’s spent multiple years spanning the globe, camera in hand always with a number one objective —capturing our company’s mission, values and core meaning in one single photograph.


  • 02:28    Wayne teases the “More Than a Travel Tip… Tip.”Today’s Feature
  • 03:42    Tune into Today’s Feature as Hannah talks to DreamTrips corporate photographer, John Benitez.
  • 05:22    Get the scoop on the awkward trick to make someone feel comfortable when posing.
  • 06:25    Hannah serves John with a selfie surprise, which coincidentally explains how he first developed a passion for photography.
  • 08:15    John provides insight on the right times to put the camera down.
  • 09:40    The important “40-20” rule of photography.
  • 10:30    Additional great tips from our professional photographer.
  • 11:05    John explains the best time to take for taking landscape photos.
  • 12:00    More information on how to use landscape as well as portrait mode.
  • 13:00    How to become an expert editor for photography posts on social media.
  • 13:21    How to make the best use of filters (we don’t mean the one Wayne needs).
  • 14:22    The one important tip John would like all beginner photographers to know.
  • 15:27    Hannah closes out the segment with a quiz about what song about photography John best relates to.

Host Chatter between segments

  • 16:21    Hannah and Wayne competing about their most awkward photo experiences.  
  • 17:34    Discover how you can take advantage of your DreamTrips Membership with the newest rewards program that takes the hassle out of finding a car. DreamTrips Cars is currently available for U.S. DreamTrips, DreamTrips Gold and DreamTrips Platinum DreamTrips Members.

Social Beat

  • 19:38    Jason Clayden shares advice from “Adobe Spark” on creating Instagram photos.
  • 21:10    Melanie Guthrie shares posts from members, spotlighting David Satterfield from Columbus, OH.
  • 21:50    Hear the results of a recent Twitter poll regarding the most preferred camera for using while traveling.
  • 22:10    Learn how to take part in the newest DreamTrips photography contest by including #livebettertogether to your posts on social media and the DT app.


  • 23:16    The episode closes with more information about how to engage with us (listed in the section below).
  • 24:50    Wayne reveals the “More Than a Travel Tip… Tip”
  • 26:07    The duo reveals the topic of the next episode.

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