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Experience Rome

September 6, 2017

Experience the history, culture and cuisine of the Eternal City of Rome in this special episode of the podcast.

We’ve heard your requests for destination-specific episodes of the podcast and, beginning with this Rome-focused episode, we plan to release a location-based feature around the 10th of every month. That’s in addition to the two episodes you already get each month!


Today, travel enthusiast and WorldVentures Video Producer Logan Harris will give you his tips and tricks for making the most of the ancient city of Rome, Italy. From the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum to the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, experience Rome through the eyes of a videographer and learn the do’s and don’ts of traveling this beautiful and storied city. Take this trip with us and laugh along the way.


  • [01:04]    The introduction of special episode destination podcasts.

Today’s Feature

  • [01:39]    Destination Focus: Rome, Italy.
  • [01:50]    Logan travels plenty.
  • [02:40]    The preferred mode of transport.
  • [04:10]    The must-see sight of Rome.
  • [04:40]    Another country.
  • [05:25]    A notable piece of advice on tours.
  • [05:53]    Just follow the monks.
  • [06:38]    Etiquette while visiting holy sites in Vatican City.
  • [07:47]    The Colosseum.
  • [08:46]    Learn from Logan’s mistake.
  • [11:30]    The Trevi Fountain.
  • [12:48]    Another tip about cash.
  • [13:34]    How do you find a good Italian restaurant?
  • [17:25]    Restaurant etiquette and expectations.
  • [19:21]    The Italian culture and coping with language differences.
  • [21:35]    The water fountains of Rome.
  • [23:25]    Safety in Rome.
  • [24:24]    Rome weather and what to wear.
  • [26:16]    Hop-on, hop-off bus tours.
  • [27:48]    Important news about Uber in Rome.


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