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June 1, 2016

In the first episode of the DreamTrips Podcast we are looking forward to bringing you lots of exciting and cool things to do as a DreamTrips Member.  You get so many more benefits than just travel and we are going to touch on all of them in the DreamTrips Podcast.


Today’s Feature
Director of DreamTrips Local, Stuart Walker, goes into how our founder Wayne Nugent came up with the idea of DTL.  Could we create a local product that gave members daily value in their local market? He details how we moved from testing this idea to a full launch of this exciting member benefit in one of our 50 rollout cities.  Not only can yu hear the philosophy behind which restaurants we choose, but we walk you through just how to process your bill to make sure you get your DreamTrips Points.  

Social Beat
We introduce you to our social media maven, Jason Clayden in the Social Beat.  Jason reads posts about DreamTrips Local that he sourced from our members on social media.  It’s exciting to hear the input from you, our listeners, so tag your social posts #TravelYourCity for a chance to have your thoughts read on the Social Beat.

Member Spotlight
Every episode we find a member who will be featured in the Member Spotlight.  Today Wayne McMullen welcomes members Mark and Jenny Munoz who have been members for a little over two months. They speak in detail about a DTL restaurant, Presidio in Chicago. They also went to another restaurant, Red Door, and talked about the points they gathered which they plan on using on their first ever DreamTrip in celebration of Mark’s 40th birthday.  Happy Birthday Mark!!!!

We also get a chance to hear from our Chef Ambassador, Rodelio Aglibot who loves DreamTrips Local because it gives him loyal customers who will visit his restaurant again and again.  

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Presidio Restaurant in Chicago
Red Door Restaurant in Chicago
Our Chef Ambassador, Rodelio Aglibot