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DreamTrips App

June 1, 2016

This episode is all about the DreamTripps App and the benefits it offers to members while constantly expanding to make a member’s life easier. Your hosts guide you through the benefits the DreamTrips app offers before during and after attending DreamTrips.


Today’s Feature

Senior Vice President of Digital, Andy Chu goes through the App with you. The basic aim of the DT app is to connect members with other members of the community before during and after their travel experience with the WorldVentures travel community.  The DreamTrip App provides a social feed helping you to connect with all members, upload pictures and URL’s and see what others are up to.  It helps members research and plan their trips, find great restaurants and share with the community. After the trip it can assist in staying in touch with the connections made before or during traveling.

Social Beat

Social Media Guru Jason Clayden reads your comments about the app that have been shared via social media.

Member Spotlight

Kim Tobin has been a member for 5 ½ years and has been on over 10 DreamTrips. She is a huge fan of the App and likes how easy it is to use as well as that it will allow her to share and create memories with her family. She is positive that the App will help her keep up with the travel community and continue going on DreamTrips while taking care of the baby she is expecting.

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