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Capture the Culture

March 15, 2017

Listen as your favorite podcasting team of tour guides take you on a cultural exploration to top destinations across the globe and impress the importance of experiencing the different cultures.

This episode kicks off with a bit of “culture” (or a bad attempt at) as Hannah DeClerk and Jason Clayden attempt their best “deep southern drawls” with a dramatic script reading from a 1980’s film many believe sparked the country music movement. Why have we taken a risk at potentially harming your eardrums before the actual show? We’ll give you a hint: the movie’s legacy is the venue we’ll visit on the first night of the DreamTrips Local “Taste of Texas” event.


Producer and host Wayne McMullen tries his best hand at “culture” as he gets a bit groovy with the introduction of his “DreamTripping Tip of the Day”. His teaser question teleports you beyond the time of cassette tapes to today, where he asks about a member-exclusive feature that is beneficial when discovering the local scene (hint, it isn’t a flyer stapled to a wooden post).

Finally, your favorite hosts get to the actual point of this episode, which is how to adhere to the cultural norms when you are traveling to different countries. Listen as members, experts and your hosts share experiences and tips that could help you blend in better with your surroundings—selfie stick and all (well, let’s be honest, you’ll probably “stick out” using one of those).

Today’s Feature
Wayne introduces the star of the segment, Emily Tang, a six-year member and travel veteran. Emily gives personal insight on culture capturing based on her experiences while visiting foreign countries. Saying she has a wide-variety of cultural knowledge is an understatement, and Emily chooses to speak on the topics she is most well-versed. This includes the food and culture of destinations including Japan, Fiji, Venice and the far east. Find out about a very different type of Japanese accommodation and what strange delicacies Emily has tried.  We’ll warn you, if you have a weak stomach, tread carefully in this segment.

Hannah expresses her admiration for Emily’s travel expertise before our dynamic duo segue into a word from our sponsors about the upcoming DreamTrips Local three-day “Taste of Texas” event.  Listen as Wayne reveals his affinity for old glam soap operas.

Social Beat
Jason and Wayne share travel information from The Huffington Post blogger, “College Tourist”, Nicole Darian. Nicole reveals in one of her posts that traveling successfully is all about experiences and immersing yourself in a new culture. We also hear from Renuka Srinivasan, a senior business analyst with our company, from India, who has a blog called Voyager for Life. She enlightens us on how we can use travel and capturing culture to become wiser people.  We complete this week’s Social Beat with a post from DreamTrips Members Kevin and April and a reminder to share stories via #DreamTripsPodcast.

Melanie Guthrie with our social media team gets to say, “hello” before Wayne reveals the DreamTripping Tip of the Day.  Well worth sticking around for, and our podcast power team close out the episode in true Saint Patrick’s Day fashion.

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  • DreamTrips Local, a Taste of Texas
    • Thursday April 6 – opening night party at Gilley’s
      • This is one of the biggest and best country western bars around!!  And we’re renting out the whole place just for OUR private party.
      • Gilley’s has an amazing history.  Ever hear of John Travolta??  He did a movie called Urban Cowboy in the early 1980s that was filmed at the Houston location of Gilley’s.  But we have the actual Mechanical Bull used in the movie.
      • Tickets start at $149 plus tax and include food, dancing, drink tickets, activities at the bar, transportation to and from Gilley’s to AT&T stadium and a great country western band!
    • Friday April 7 and Saturday April 8 – explore DreamTrips Local.
      • Friday and Saturday are your nights to find out for yourself what all Dallas has to offer!
      • Grab friends, family and colleagues and head out to a DTL restaurant.
    • Sunday April 9 – closing party at South Fork Ranch.
      • Ever hear of JR, SuEllen and Bobby Ewing?  Maybe a little TV show called Dallas?
      • Well it was filmed at South Fork Ranch here in Dallas and we’ve rented out the entire ranch for our party.
      • Come see where all the famous TV moments were filmed and enjoy some more great TX food and fun. Tickets start at $149 plus tax and include food, dancing, drink tickets, activities at the bar, transportation to and from Gilley’s to AT&T stadium, and a great country western band!

A limited number of tickets are still available by booking at Eventbrite: A Taste of Texas (ATOT).  Don’t miss out!