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Best Gifts for Travelers

October 1, 2017

Not sure what to get the avid traveler in your life? Listen in as we offer gift ideas for the most adventurous.

WorldVentures Global Merchandise Director Lionel Edgar and Global Merchandise Manager Emilie Thomas give you their gift suggestions based on years of experience in travel and merchandising. We’ll go over options that new and seasoned travelers can enjoy before, during and after their next trip. You may even have a laugh or two along the way!


Some people seem to always know how to shop for the perfect gift, while others need a little guidance. In this episode, the podcast crew will offer insights into shopping for your favorite travel enthusiast, regardless of the occasion. Whether you’re searching for an incredible birthday gift or a holiday present to remember for years to come, you will end this podcast armed with great ideas for your next special occasion.


  • [01:17]   What are Wayne and Courtney’s favorite travel gifts?
  • [02:34]   The team teases the “More than a Travel Tip … Tip.”

Today’s Feature

  • [03:29]   We introduce today’s guests, Lionel Edgar and Emilie Thomas from the WorldVentures Global Merchandise department.
  • [04:27]   What does the Global Merchandise team handle?
  • [04:56]   Lionel’s No. 1 gift idea.
  • [06:19]   Emilie’s No. 1 gift idea.
  • [06:49]   Keeping your possessions safe.
  • [07:36]   Less expensive gifts.
  • [10:34]   Keep a lid on this.
  • [11:38]   Something you can wear.
  • [12:30]   Great stocking stuffers.
  • [13:38]   Good reading materials.
  • [14:07]   Lionel has a universal power solution.
  • [15:19]   Priceless tips for any traveler.

Host Chatter

  • [17:38]   Luggage: To check or not to check.
  • [18:05]   For U.S. DreamTrips Members, shop the DreamTrips MarketPlace
  • [18:20]   A Christmas tale from Wayne.

Social Beat

  • [20:03]   Jason shares tips from a great blog called POPSUGAR.
  • [22:19]   Hear from DreamTrips Members Jack Chander, Trevor Skaggs, Klee Shule and Linda Marisol Medina.


  • [24:04]   How to contact the DreamTrips Podcast in different accents!
  • [25:10]   The team reveals the “More than a Travel Tip … Tip!”
  • [26:49]   Learn what the next episode is all about.

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