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Know Before You Go

March 1, 2017

Planning the perfect trip goes beyond knowing whether or not to pack a sweater. Listen as your co-hosts teach you how to “Know Before You Go” with our first ever, on-air game show.

Kick-off the episode with Mike Marich a long-time DreamTrips™ Member, who talks about his love of DreamTrips Local mini-vacations.  The crew introduce the “DreamTripping Tip of the Day” which asks a question about packing for a trip, and despite his co-host, Hannah DeClerk attempting to get the answer, Wayne refuses to budge until the end of the episode.  Wayne also introduces everyone to his rescue puppy Henry, who has contributed to a nice number of sleepless nights for Wayne.   

Today’s Feature
We give Today’s Feature a different feel in the form of our on-air game show, “Know Before You Go!” Hannah is your quiz master with Wayne her announcer as the contestants are given different scenarios in the form of questions and incidents frequently addressed by our favorite travel support team over at Rovia™.

Since a lot of these questions were tricky, and involved statements about Wayne, Hannah made sure to select contestants who are experts in the world of DreamTrips travel and work closely with Wayne and his Muttonchops at our corporate office in Plano, Texas. The contestants, videographer Logan Harris, who also serves as a behind-the-scenes audio engineer for many of our episodes, and DreamTrips™ writer Wendy Leth-Steensen go face-to-face to try to win the ultimate prize – the opportunity to never have to do this again (kidding). Actually, it is bragging rights and a chance to really get to know personal information about Wayne that they can share with others in the office.

Who is the ultimate winner? You will have to listen to find out.

DreamTrips Local’s, a taste of Texas is announced on today’s podcast via pre-recorded clip by Wayne. Listen as he tells you the details of this exclusive member event. Because, everything’s bigger in Texas! We reckon you’ll have a “darn tootin’ time!”

Social Beat
Jason Clayden passes on travel tips pulled from popular travel blogs “Glitter and Spice” and “My Vogue Style”, while Wayne shares his experience with using various airline apps.  Plus, you’ll learn about a new travel trend and what millennials are really going for in their travel plans.  Of course, DreamTrips Local is the subject of discussion as the two chaps speak in their fancy accents and elaborate on what you need to “Know Before You Go!”

Wayne finally reveals the answer to our “DreamTripping Tip of the Day”, which is surprisingly beneficial for all travelers.

Your co-hosts wrap up this zany and fantastic episode with a reminder to reach out via social media with #dreamtripspodcast. Don’t forget to download the podcast on the DreamTrips app, as well as subscribe and rate us on several popular platforms!

The gruesome twosome close out this episode in similar fashion by teasing to the next episode but sign off in a slightly different manner.

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  • DreamTrips Local, a Taste of Texas
    • Thursday April 6 – opening night party at Gilley’s
      • This is one of the biggest and best country western bars around!!  And we’re renting out the whole place just for OUR private party.
      • Gilley’s has an amazing history.  Ever hear of John Travolta??  He did a movie called Urban Cowboy in the early 1980s that was filmed at the Houston location of Gilley’s.  But we have the actual Mechanical Bull used in the movie.
      • Tickets start at $149 plus tax and include food, dancing, drink tickets, activities at the bar, transportation to and from Gilley’s to AT&T stadium and a great country western band!
    • Friday April 7 and Saturday April 8 – explore DreamTrips Local.
      • Friday and Saturday are your nights to find out for yourself what all Dallas has to offer!
      • Grab friends, family and colleagues and head out to a DTL restaurant.
    • Sunday April 9 – closing party at South Fork Ranch.
      • Ever hear of JR, SuEllen and Bobby Ewing?  Maybe a little TV show called Dallas?
      • Well it was filmed at South Fork Ranch here in Dallas and we’ve rented out the entire ranch for our party.
      • Come see where all the famous TV moments were filmed and enjoy some more great TX food and fun. Tickets start at $149 plus tax and include food, dancing, drink tickets, activities at the bar, transportation to and from Gilley’s to AT&T stadium, and a great country western band!

A limited number of tickets are still available by booking at Eventbrite: A Taste of Texas (ATOT) .  Don’t miss out!