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How do you attain a well balanced, stress-free life and travel a little more? Well, today’s episode is presented by DreamBody, “For the Well-Being of your Whole-Being!”  Your favorite producer, Wayne “Richard Simmons” McMullen and his trusty sidekick, Hannah “Jane Fonda” DeClerk jump-start the episode with a testimonial from one of our members, Henry from the Netherlands. Sprechen sie Deutsch? No need, since this member shares, in English that puts even Wayne to shame, about his incredible experience on a DreamBody DreamTrip.   

Wayne and Hannah tease our audience with the “More than a travel tip… tip” (tip, tip tip, top, tippity tip tip) that is sure to make you feel in “top” health while traveling. As usual, you’ll have to stick around to the end of the episode for more details.  Hannah talks about how she stays healthy and Wayne talks about his “aha moment” thanks to Today’s Feature guest interview…. and how he has decided to start drinking more water.

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